About the Prabodhanam Foundation

The Prabodhanam Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization working on different critical problems and issues of Bharat (India) and the world. The foundation primarily focused on issues such as health, ADHD Child, Education, Science and Technology, Research Publication, Research and Development, Women’s and Children’s Development, Environment, and Climate Change. To achieve the objectives, the Prabodhanam Foundation started the following Projects and Programs.


Publication, Research and Development

    • The foundation start the  “Student’s Research and Development Program” for Bharat (India) students. under the scheme, students can publish research papers without any charges.
    • To work for research on problems and issues of rural Bharat (India) and discover the solution to reduce them by research.
    • To work to find the solution by research on environmental and climate change problems of Bharat (India).

Professional Training & Career Development of Rural and Backward Areas

    • To work for the professional education and training of students living in rural and backward areas of Bharat (India).
    • To work in rural and urban areas of Bharat (India) for students career guidance that helps students to select the right career as per their choice.
    • To work to provide guidance to trained students until they get better jobs or businesses to establish.
    • To work for encouraging the rural and backward areas students by all trained candidates of the foundation for education.

ADHD Child Training & Development

    • To work for ADHD children online training.
    • To work for parents training to recognize the symptoms of ADHD children’s behavior. So that parents can recognize the symptoms, and teach children to improve their behavior.
    • To work for ADHD children’s training and development. So that can help to recognize the interest of ADHD children for skill development.
    • To work for developing skills using their own hyperactive behavior by ADHD child.
    • To work for the training for ADHD children for hygiene, daily work management, self-control, self-care, decision-making, muscle control, sports, physical activities, and time management.
    • To work for learning social skills and social rules by ADHD child so they easily can be mixed with each other in the social environment.

Child, Teenage, Women Awareness and Development Program

    • To work for women’s education, empowerment, self-dependent, and employment.
    • To work for women’s safety and self-defense.
    • To work for good touch and bad touch awareness.
    • To work finding solutions for women’s nutrition, malnutrition, hunger, and food problems.
    • To work for find the  problems solution associated with women’s stress  and hygiene.
    • To work  for child education and development.
    • To work for child nutrition, malnutrition, hunger, hygiene management, and food-related problems.
    • To work for Good Touch and Bad Touch Awareness Program.
    • To work to stop child abuse online.



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